Account Clients

What is an Account Client? 

An Account Client is a client that will require Contract Review or Contract Creation services on a regular basis. If you think you will be uploading more than 1 request per month, you may be eligible for an account. 

What are the benefits of being an Account Client?

As an Account Client, you get access to all the standard client benefits which are:

  • Fixed fees for standard contract reviews and contract creations
  • Fast turnaround times - 2 business days for contract reviews and 5 business days for contract creations
  • Access to the secure client portal to upload your contracts 24/7
  • Dot point Contract Reviews in plain English - no legal jargon!
  • Specialised Contract Creations tailored specifically for your business 
  • Access from anywhere in Australia and from any device

Plus additional benefits, being:

  • Receiving invoices at job completion with agreed trading terms
  • Eligibility for discounts on standard services
  • Eligibility for job priority for urgent matters

How do I become an Account Client?

You will need to contact us to request to be an Account Client. After speaking with one of our friendly staff, we can provide you with an application form for you to complete. You can also request an account after you have complete a request for contract review or contract creation via our homepage, after you have created your client login.

Who can I speak to about becoming an Account Client?

Just give us a call on 1300 272 878 or contact us via the button below. It's that simple!

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