Contracts every business must have (or at least know about)

Each business is unique; we all have different things to offer to the world and different ways of offering them. But there are some agreements that need to be in writing. Failing this and you don't know what you could be risking. 

Every business should have the following:

  • Employee Agreements for full time, part time or casual staff;
  • Independent Contractor Agreements (if not all employees);
  • Supplier Agreements;
  • Terms and Conditions with Clients;
  • Privacy Policy; 
  • A good Confidentiality or Non-Disclosure Agreement, both one way and mutual depending on the information exchanged or supplied;
  • Partnership Agreements (iif a partnership)
  • Unit holder or Shareholder Agreements (if a company or trust)
  • Project Agreements
  • Subcontractor Agreements
  • IP protection agreements e.g. IP License Agreements, Commercialisation Agreements and well drafted collaboration agreements or joint venture agreements for product development or testing.

If you are a recruitment agency of any sort e.g. nanny or babysitting agencies, skilled labour hire or professional services recruitment agencies) a well drafted Applicant Agreement is also a must. 

All of your contracts (referred to as a 'suite' of contracts) should be drafted so that they work together. For example, if you are a technology company that owns some valuable IP are licensing that IP to another party to use it for a project, you need to make sure that you're not giving away any rights in the event that your IP is being modified. If you have subcontractors, you need to ensure that all of the obligations that you have to your principal contractor are flowed through to the subcontractor, including obligations of insurance, IP ownership (and/or moral rights), confidentiality and indemnities amongst others.

All new (and established) businesses should also have good policies in place, including:

  • OHS and workplace safety policies;
  • Anti-Discrimination and Harassment policies;
  • Social Media policy;
  • Site safety standards;
  • Hazardous chemicals policy (if relevant); and 
  • Use of Company Equipment (e.g. Vehicle and/or Phone) policy (if relevant) 

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