About Us

Evyenia Walton, Managing Director

Since I first started practising law in 2004, I noticed that there are a lot of businesses who were engaging large law firm providers and paying through the nose. Or, if they couldn’t afford or access quality legal services, I saw some business owners sign contracts blindly, or with little or no understanding of what the contract actually said. In some cases, there were no contracts in place at all.

So I set out on My Mission - to educate business owners about the risks in their contracts, and draft tailored, creative and effective legal documents that were easy to understand. 

My Vision is to create a company that is accessible to ALL businesses offering quality legal services at affordable prices.

I want all business owners to feel like they can negotiate a fair and equitable contract with ANYONE.

Interpret Contracts aims to give business owners the tools, knowlege and confidence they need to do what they do best - their business. 

Jessica Brzezinski, Legal Assistant

Jessica has over 10 years legal assistant experience in various law firms across Adelaide and most recently comes from a global legal software provider.

She is passionate about building relationships with our clients, keeping up to date with new technology and proving the best service possible.

Andrew Henderson, Solicitor

Andrew is a skilled legal practitioner with over 20 years commercial experience. He has worked in-house for the past 7 years for a listed real estate investment trust property fund in South Africa focusing on commercial property litigation, property acquisitions and disposals, trademarks and dispute resolution matters.

Prior to this, Andrew was a co-founding partner of a commercial law practice in South Africa for more than 10 years with experience working with high stake corporate clients relating to property disputes, contract advice, tax and accounting risks, insolvency litigation and more. Andrew has also acted as a panel appointed sectional title arbitrator for the Pretoria Deeds Registry in South Africa during this time.

Andrew brings to the firm a strong business acumen and solid understanding of effective systems and processes to provide great outcomes for the clients of Interpret Legal.

Ioanna Moliviatis, Law Clerk

Ioanna’s interest in joining Interpret legal was due to her drive and passion to develop skills and insight into the area of commercial law. Commercial law is an area that she has been naturally drawn towards during her studies at Flinders University. In particular, the processes involved in starting new businesses and going on to see them succeed. Further, in 2020, Ioanna enjoyed and excelled at working in the Flinders Legal Clinic while undertaking her studies.

Ioanna played an integral part in the development of an Application for the South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal to assist the public in finding legal services and advocacy across diverse areas of law combined into one convenient Application. During this project, Ioanna gained experience across a range of legal areas and also studied various areas of coding to build the Application. Ioanna brings her technical skills and knowledge to the firm and is excited to offer her experience in these areas to clients.  

She joined the Interpret Legal team in May 2021 as a PLT student whilst being mentored by our manging director, Evyenia Walton. She considers the experience that she has gained during this time as invaluable and rewarding.

Ioanna brings a fresh perspective, technical skills and an extensive understanding of the law to Interpret Legal.

Viviane Ferraro, Contracts Officer

Viviane graduated in 2009 with a Bachelor of Law and Social Sciences in Brazil specializing in Civil and tax law. She has been practicing in corporate and civil law firms in Brazil for 8 years focusing on commercial transactions, dispute resolution and commercial risk management before making the big move to Australia in 2017.

Viviane is passionate about helping others and since moving to Australia, she has participated in volunteering roles at the South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (SACAT) and also at the Immigration services at the Australian Refugee Association (ARA).

Viviane is an energetic part of the team who enjoys drafting commercial contracts and identifying potential risk with superior attention to detail.

Our Mission

Interpret Contracts is bridging the gap for SME across Australia to access fast, affordable and quality legal services through the use of new technologies. We equip our clients with the best possible tools to protect their business and assets through legal contracts whilst utilising an online secure access portal where clients can view all their current and past requests and advice.

Interpret Contracts - revolutionising the way the world does business.



  1. explain the meaning of (information or actions).

"This contract is difficult to interpret”

Synonyms: explain, elucidate, expound, explicate, clarify, make clear, make plain, illuminate, shed light on, throw light on; gloss, simplify, spell out, decipher, decode, solve, resolve, untangle, unravel, make intelligible, understand, comprehend, make sense of.



  1. a written or spoken agreement, especially one concerning employment, sales, or tenancy, that is intended to be enforceable by law.

"They have just signed a legally binding contract"

Synonyms: agreement, commitment, arrangement, settlement, undertaking, understanding, compact, covenant, pact, bond; deal, bargain; treaty, concordat, convention.


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