Contract Review

The Importance of... getting your contracts reviewed - BEFORE YOU SIGN!

When you get a contract come across your desk, it's easy to pop it on top of your filing and forget about it until its time to sign. Sound familiar? We're all guilty of it.

Knowing what a contract says and knowing the risks that come with it are two very different things. At Interpret Contracts, we see contracts of all shapes and sizes every day. From the simple to the most complex, we are experts at analysing contracts and explaining the risks to you in plain English.

When you upload your contract for review, we will

  • review it within 2 business days;
  • provide you with a dot point, plain English legal advice
  • identify the risks in your contract so that you can make educated, more informed business decisions.

The risks

Did you know that three words in your contract can void your insurance? By not getting your contract reviewed by a highly skilled and qualified lawyer, you may be putting your business and/or personal assets at risk.

The benefits

We aim to educate you about what you're contract says, so that you can make a well informed business decision as to whether or not you accept the risks (in the contract as it is currently drafted).

By using our secure portal, you can upload your contract for review RIGHT NOW. It's that simple!

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