NDA or Confidentiality Agreement

The Importance of... Confidentiality Agreements or Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

If you've got a great idea or information that is precious to you and your business, disclosing this information to third parties can be risky. A Confidentiality or Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) allows you to have discussions with other people about your business, whether you're in the start up phase, or looking to start a joint venture or new project where your intellectual property may be used. 

Our NDA allows you to:

  • protect your ideas at the start up phase
  • talk to investors or potential business partners about your venture
  • modifiable so that you can adjust it to suit different types of confidential information
  • is tailored for the exact purpose to which you want to use it for

The risks

By not getting an NDA signed before discussions are had or disclosures are made, means that information that is exchanged in the meeting is not protected. If you have an amazing idea, what's to stop your investor/business partner from taking that idea and doing their own thing? What recourse do you have? This is why protecting your confidential information is so important.

The benefits

Protecting your confidential information under an NDA shows the other party that you're serious about your business. It allows you to exchange information freely without that fear they'll tell others. Having an NDA means that if your confidential information is leaked, you've got recourse under that agreement to do something about it!

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